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NOT MY PIPS - Darren Pallatina

NOT MY PIPS is a punchy story about one man’s vision of financial freedom, through a rocky introduction to Forex trading. The author gives us honest and humorous accounts about his emotional ups and downs and those expensive mistakes faced by new traders in the early stages of trading the financial markets. For new investors, this book is sure to give you some interesting insights about possible challenges that lie ahead. Experienced traders should expect to find moments in this book that remind them of their early days investing. An ideal read for your lunch break.

Join the emotional roller coaster, author Darren Pallatina endured and walk away with some useful tips about preparing yourself, before you blow your savings or last week’s wages on that attractive looking set-up.

This is not a 'how to trade' book but offers insight into areas that may help you avoid some of the situations that Darren found himself in.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, this book could save your computer’s life and a lot of unnecessary stress!

Darren Pallatina lives in the UK and has served over a decade in the British Army and Royal Navy. At the time of writing this book, he is in to his fourth year of trading whilst continuing with Forex study and other ventures, alongside a full time job.

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